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News auf RedBull X-Alps - Interview

April 26, 2015






2015-04-02 17:22

Chrigel's take on the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 route


Get the scoop on the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 route from the man who has three wins under his belt.

We caught up Christian ‘Chrigel’ Maurer at the Red Bull X-Alps route unveiling press conference, and even ‘the Eagle’ was impressed – this year’s route promises to be the most difficult race ever designed. Taking athletes far north to the Chiemgau, then down to the Brenner Alps, it’s more of a ‘trans-alpine’ experience than ever before. Chrigel’s first reaction to the route? ‘It’s going to be hard.’ Read on for more from the Swiss flying ace.


Give us your thoughts on the new route. 
It’s much harder. It’s longer. In particular, the part where it crosses the Alps from Germany to Italy will be hard, and also from Italy to Switzerland. 


What’s your strategy for dealing with the new route? 
There are many parts which I don’t know, and they’ll be new for me – that’s a good motivation. One part of the preparation or training is to analyse the area in Google Earth or maps. When I look at the maps I can learn more about the area, plan my tactics and strategy. But to be able to visit would be the best –  I’ll go there if I have time. 


There’s a lot of new athletes this year. What do you expect to see? 
There are twenty new teams. It will be interesting to see how they work. My first year in the race, we brought in good teamwork and a new style of pushing, and it was successful. A new team could also bring in a new style. 


Got your gear dialed? 
At the moment we have many new ideas on what to improve with the gear – the wing, the shoes, the food, the clothes. We really won’t finalise all that stuff until June. 


How has your training gone this year? 
Because of my injury last summer, (Chrigel broke his leg) I’ve had much less time to train than previous years – but a lot of ski touring, walking, and running, combined with power and fitness training, has me feeling quite good. 


Have you done a lot of flying in preparation? 
I’ve done a few events – such as the World Championships in Roldanillo. But that’s a different sport – a different wing, different feeling, different thinking. What I really love to do is fly cross-country, and that’s what I do the most of. Which is great – because that is what Red Bull X-Alps is all about. 


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